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How do I become a client?

We will have a "discovery call" so I can understand your needs and make sure my services align with what you're after. From there I will put together a quote and a contract. Once signed, the work begins! 

Are you a social media manager?

No. I am a social media content creator, which means I don't participate in the overall strategy of your marketing plan or your feed, but I will create posts, videos and graphics that align with your ideas and goals.

I will provide my advice and direction, as well as best practices or trends we shouldn't ignore. I am here to share my knowledge, but I am not your marketing strategist. I am not creating your content calendar.

What is your social media philosophy?

Have fun with it.


Don't blame the algorithm for everything.

You win some you lose some.

Create for your existing audience and others will follow.

If you build it (consistently) they will come.

Follow some trends, but also try your own original content and audios. PLAY!

I do not guarantee a certain amount of views or followers, but my aim is to make sure what I deliver is specific to your brand and voice. If I could explain to you why one brilliant video got 50 views and one incredibly boring one got 18k, I would.


My clients that remain authentic and allow for social media to be playful and fun have grown their follower-ship at a steady and consistent pace. Consistency is key and we just keep plugging along.

What platforms do you work on?

I'm the most knowledgable with Instagram. I also can create for TikTok and Pinterest, YouTube and some Facebook.

Not all platforms are equal, nor do I believe people should obsess about being good at all of them. I believe you should understand why people go to different platforms and then decide where you want to put your energy. I work with my clients to figure out who their audience is and where that audience would go to find what you're offering. Instagram isn't always the obvious answer.

People go to Instagram for

  1. Entertainment/Escape

  2. To see what their friends and acquaintances are up to

  3. To be informed/learn about something

  4. Shopping

TikTok is used for

  1. Entertainment

  2. Education

  3. Trends

Pinterest is used for

  1. Search Engine

  2. Shopping

  3. Inspiration/Idea Collection

YouTube is used for

  1. Entertainment

  2. How-to/Education

Can I hire you for a single project?

Yes. Most of my clients have me working month to month on reoccurring work, but I am available for one-off photo shoots, projects or consults. My hourly pricing structure is what allows for this flexibility. 

Will you post on my behalf?

Yes, so long as you use for your grid layout management. Use this link to set up your account.

Do you work with people outside the Seattle area?

Yes. Some work is not possible from a long distance, but let's discuss what you need and we'll see if I am a good fit from my Seattle HQ.

How do you deliver my content?

We organize all content in, and share a link with clients to download their assets to their desktops.  We are also able to upload directly to your Google Drive or Dropbox. 

For customers, we will happily upload your assets directly to the platform. Ask about copy writing and hashtags


In some cases, we may need to have access to your social accounts to upload videos directly. We can discuss what this looks like in our discovery call.

Will you write copy or hashtags for posts?

Yes. This can be directly in your account, or on a Google Drive Word Doc.

Do you speak at events?

I have participated in panels, spoken about social media for business at conferences, emcee'd conferences and have done years of televised shows in the Seattle market. I would love to talk further about your event.

I still have questions

Email me at

or select a Discovery Call time in the scheduling app below:

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