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SK Creates is growing, but we're not quite ready to spill the beans. This is our old site, which reflects years of creating fun for clients all over the country. If you would like to be in touch to learn about our new and improved way to design and deliver instagram content for your business, drop an email to
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I believe social media should be creative, fun, informative and above all else authentic_e

- Sheena Kalso

You are fun. You are interesting. You have a perspective to share and memories to capture. I help you create beautiful, creative and engaging content that reflects your specific voice and attracts your ideal audience. Read my philosophy to how my clients and I approach social media.

 Photography, Editing & Tutorials

You have cool things to sell, but are your pictures conveying their value? It is vital to have well composed, clear, quality photos to achieve top dollar asking price. 

I shoot specifically for the IG or Etsy seller that has constantly moving inventory. I use the latest iPhone, I edit quickly, I post, and then repeat. Have me in your shop weekly or schedule me whenever you're ready for more imagery.

Perhaps you're the type who knows, with some coaching and tricks of the trade, you can manage this yourself. Then book a one on one or group tutorial with me.

Video Creation
& Coaching

You know how important video  content is, but generating ideas and producing it might feel like a slog. I love helping clients with creating humorous, informational, easy to digest video content.


From all inclusive, to a la carte offerings, I can help you bring video to your social strategy.

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You want video content for your socials, but know you'll be too busy to capture it yourself (or you'd like to be IN the videos). Book me to be Behind Your Scenes.

From 2 hour launch parties to 3 day destination conferences, allow me to capture all the content for your socials and your own personal collection.



Nothing sets your brand apart from the competition than custom artwork. In a world where everyone has access to the same templates, having a custom piece of artwork, or icon kits, will make you stand out from the rest.

Graphic Design & Creative Layouts

Leverage the power of eye catching graphics and customized layouts. Whether it's designing a creative grid or establishing templated graphics for reoccurring post series, keep your social feed consistent with custom social media graphics just for you.

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Why should you work with me? Well, I've worn a few hats that you may relate to, making me a person who understands what pressures you're under and goals you have for your business.


I'm a loyal IG shopper. I am heavily influenced by video and imagery posted about products and services on IG. I know what draws me in to an account and what builds trust for me to click that buy button, so I use this knowledge to help my clients attract their target audience.


I’m a career entrepreneur who relates to the struggle of running a busy and growing business, while living in that tension of “am I doing enough on on Social Media?”  Being a sole proprietor for 17+ years,  I understand the pain points of a business owner.

As a 15 year veteran wedding professional, I was in a very visual medium in the early era of social media. I've spent years absorbing styled shoots, flat lays, product styling and image composition from endless hours of sorting through photographs and studying Instagram feeds.This experience, along with my natural eye for composition and the learned skill to produce content at a quick pace, makes me your secret weapon. 

Because of my business background, I understand tight margins and seasonal cashflow. With SK Creates you won't find big agency pricing or long term contracts. I want clients to feel like they can afford help and be free to move on if they need to, but doing so feeling equipped to carry out their social media goals independently.

I believe social media should be creative, fun, informative and above all else authentic.p


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Hourly Pricing for ultimate customization. À la carte or month-to-month starting at $75/hr

Live Events, Illustrations and Coaching may fall under a package rate. Please inquire.

No long term contracts. Cancel anytime.


I am not accepting new clients at this time. If you would like to be contacted when availability opens up, please email

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